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Our Circle

The word Topa means “four” in both the Lakota and Dakota languages. Four is a number that carries much significance. Our company is located on and is operated from Treaty 4 territory. In addition, Topa represents the four directions of a compass, the four seasons, the four stages of life, the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of one's being, and finally, the four quadrants of the medicine wheel.

Our History

Topa Contracting LP is a partnership between FHQ Developments Ltd and NorthStar Capital Ltd. After working together through FHQ Developments’ Employment and Retention Services, both parties realized how closely their values and goals aligned, and the first steps towards the creation of their partnership were taken. In December 2018, an official Pipe and Signing Ceremony took place at the First Nations University of Canada in Regina, Saskatchewan, which marked the birth of FHQ Noble Contracting Ltd. In June 2019, the partnership was rebranded as ‘Topa Contracting Ltd’.
The partnership provides knowledge, experience and client relations in the industrial construction sector while focusing on the diversity and inclusion that the industry in Saskatchewan is trying to allow. Topa Contracting is one of the first true partnerships with a First-Nation majority stakeholder. The partnership is based on trust, mutual contributions, and a long-term outlook. This is the type of partnership that will allow for growth and long-term benefits for all parties involved.

  • In 2010, the 11-member First Nation communities of File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council (FHQTC), representing over 15,000 First Nation citizens and 435,000 acres of reserve lands in Treaty 4 territory, formed FHQ Developments as a limited partnership agreement. The partnership’s owners are the eleven-member First Nation Communities and FHQTC.
    The mission of FHQ Developments is to contribute to the long-term economic independence and prosperity of our Limited Partners and our citizens by developing profitable business ventures, economic development opportunities, and advancing employment and livelihood for our Nations and citizens in a manner consistent with the Nehiyaw (Cree), Dakota, Nakota, Lakota, and Anishinaabe (Saulteaux) Nations teachings.

  • Since 2020, NorthStar Capital Ltd has created a network of companies that share our values and focus on supporting our customers, employees and communities. Our efforts and capital support our companies journey of sustainable growth. NorthStar Capital Ltd is a dynamic and diverse group of companies which include Noble Construction, Topa Contracting, Credence Construction, Pathway Supply, Stone & Sky Developments, TW Power Supply, and Wildon Wiring. Our diverse portfolio of companies provides services to various sectors across Western Canada. Sectors we support include construction, mining, agriculture, power generation, transmission and distribution, and telecommunications.
    We are committed to our employees and the communities they live in. Although our companies may be located in different parts of the country, are urban and rural, and service different industries, one thing remains constant, our remarkable employees. These people are the core of our companies. We recognize that our employees are supported by family, friends and community. By supporting our companies investment in these communities, it creates a strong foundation for our employees and thus completes the cycle of mutual success and growth.

    We believe in equality for all. We are proud of our First Nations partnerships as these partnerships represent our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Our Leadership Team


Kevin Kirkwood 

General Manager


Tyler Tranberg

Construction Superintendent


Chantelle Earnshaw

Janitorial Superintendent


To create opportunity, with a focus on Indigenous inclusion in the Industrial, Commercial and Mining Construction sectors.


Through collaboration, create employment with a mindset around a diversified and inclusive workforce


  • Integrity

    Staying true to our beliefs and mission, and being accountable to employees, clients, and ourselves

  • Nurturing 

    Create safe, inclusive environments (work and community) for our employees to work and live in

  • Growth 

    Not only as a business, but also as people, continuing to educate and create awareness in the community and the industry

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We Build Community


 As a local contractor owned and operated within Saskatchewan, we believe in community. We recognize the employees who support Topa are supported by their families, friends, and community. To complete that circle, we as corporate citizens need to support these communities.

To accomplish that, we have a dual approach; to create meaningful and fulfilling opportunities for our employees with a focus on inclusion, and to give back to the many organizations, teams, and clubs that our employees and their families are involved in. This investment into our communities is what creates such a strong local workforce and provides Topa Contracting with exceptional employees. 

Pathway to Reconciliation 

Putting our vision into action, Topa is pleased to share our achievements and newly developed targets for Indigenous Involvement. Our targets are built focused on four categories: Direct Employment, Subcontract Engagement, Workplace Education & Training, and Community Relations and Investment. Each target is envisioned to support our Pathway to Reconciliation.

Vision to Action

In 2022, Topa carried out a targeted investment in Indigenous Involvement. We invite the opportunity to present our efforts and achievements in greater detail. To summarize, here are the highlights:
• Indigenous Community Relations and Investment - $14,000 investment
• Human Resources Efforts & Training targeting Indigenous candidates - $27,000 investment
• Indigenous Employment – Currently, 12% of Topa employees are Indigenous
• Indigenous Subcontract Spend – $410,000

Topa wants to do more. Quantifying our achievements in 2022 has revealed both the value of our efforts, but also the time and resources required to achieve meaningful impacts.
You will see an additional column included on our Ratesheet breakdown labelled Indigenous Involvement. The addition allows Topa to expand from the investments accomplished in 2022. Based on our Vision, we propose the following commitments:

• Indigenous Community Relations and Investment: $28,000 (2023), $29,500 (2024), $31,000 (2025)
• HR Efforts & Training targeting Indigenous candidates: $35,000 (2023), $36,750 (2024), $38,500 (2025)
• Indigenous Employment: 13% (2023), 14% (2024), 15% (2025)
• Indigenous Subcontract Spend: $435,000 (2023), $457,000 (2024), $480,000 (2025)

Building Trust 

We want to be transparent about the details of our accomplishments and how we measure success. We consider this a shared initiative and strive to be aligned throughout our partnership. On request, supporting details for the 2022 investments and our plans to reach our goals in 2023 and beyond will be available for review and discussion. Achievements declared in future years will be summarized but can be accompanied by supporting details on request.