Topa Contracting Safety

Topa Contracting's Commitment To Safety

The Topa philosophy is founded on the belief that the health, safety, and protection of its employees, quality of workmanship, transparency in our process, being a steward to the environment and providing the highest level of customer service are integral and inseparable components of our daily functions. These key elements reinforce actions to protect our employees’ physical safety and mental health. While we continue to meet the requirements of the law, in many cases we exceed them, with an eye towards developing health and safety innovations.
Our goal is zero incidents and injuries — we consider anything beyond zero to be unacceptable and not aligned with our corporate EHS philosophy. We believe we are stewards of the land, the air and the water, and this extends to employing the 4 R’s in our business activities — reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. At Topa, we will always be committed to the belief that by taking care of our people and our environment, families will benefit, and our communities will flourish.


Poor housekeeping is a leading cause of safety occurrences, which can be easily managed with the right team. Topa Contracting safety programs. This training ensures that our people understand the importance and value that their work brings to providing a safe and productive work site.
Ongoing employee education and learning are fundamental components of our safety culture. We strategically develop individual training plans in the areas of Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) to support our people in becoming the best they can be, often exceeding requirements. We ensure our worksites and our EHS practices allow for everyone to return home from work each shift with all fingers and toes attached and, quite possibly, in even better condition than when they left for work. The impact of working safely goes beyond the workplace. When our people are accustomed to behaving in a consistently safe manner, these positive habits go home with them; their families and friends observe them acting safely, thereby positively influencing the safety culture within our homes and communities. We also have focused attention placed on eco-friendly requirements, ensuring our client’s property and our own are protected from spills and other environmental aspects.
Topa will be pursing the Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association. Our next step in our ongoing pursuit of safety excellence is to become certified at the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety level. This is an internationally recognized standard that creates consistency throughout the organization and is built around “best practices”. This standard also satisfies the demands of our current or prospective customers for registration and pre-qualification and is based on a continual improvement model. Once attained, the ISO 45001 standard appeals to a superior pool of clients who are seeking competent, proven, and successful prospective businesses.