The creation of Topa Contracting Ltd. came to be through the vision of a company that could provide expert execution, on-time delivery, safety focus and environmental stewardship, all while concentrating on the employment and training of an inclusive workforce. This vision is something that is shared across many industries, but is not easy to deliver and maintain.

Topa will not only deliver, we will exceed expectations.

Topa is a dynamic general contractor with the ability to take on various types of projects, both big and small. Our diverse range of skills allows us to offer a comprehensive suite of construction and maintenance services to our clients – including, but not limited to:
• Electrical Services
• Janitorial/Custodial
• Site services/Grounds keeping
• Concrete
• Drilling (shallow wells, rat holes, piles)
• Fencing
• Security
• Building maintenance
• General labour

The partnership of FHQ Developments and Noble Construction Corp. was created based on the understanding that as a united front we can accomplish this vision by combining our abilities. The strength and resources that FHQ Developments brings when it comes to human resource management through Employment and Retention Services (ERS) provides Topa with a deep well of qualified potential employees actively looking for opportunity. Noble Construction Corp’s knowledge and experience around commercial and industrial construction and maintenance allows Topa the same level of expertise through management, safety, QAQC and the various skilled trades employed through Noble. The ability to share resources, both personnel and equipment, allows Topa to provide clients with synergy cost savings and ensures that assets are readily available, keeping projects deliveries on time. Topa Contracting is the one-stop shop when it comes to diversity, quality, and delivery.